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Powerful promotional reflexe Made in Germany

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 03.03.2022

For more than 25 years, the company ReflAktive Thomas Wassmann has been an internationally renowned vendor of reflecting promotional products made in Germany, and it  has been a partner of Orafol since 1994. Promotional product distributors who have customers that use customised mascots or sell one-of-a-kind products with prominent shapes and who would like to support a special campaign with high-quality and meaningful promotional products will find just what they need at the Northern German specialists from Esens. “We offer the opportunity to use these special contours as promotional products. We can realise your ideas in the best manner possible while offering relatively low tooling costs. With our products, their customers can not only make themselves stand out from standard finished promotional products, they also promote their customers’ safety while in traffic and during their leisure activities in nature,” says owner Thomas Wassmann. He adds, “As the most experienced manufacturer for reflecting promotional products, we rely on high-quality and certified materials, and by producing our products in Germany, we can also monitor all key processes. The Italian velours, reflecting foil from Orafol and a steel core made in Germany have guaranteed that our products have had top-notch quality for the past several decades.”   Thomas Wassmann elaborates further: “Our labels, stickers or contoured slap wraps comply with all European standards in EN 13356 and, where applicable, EN 17353. All materials conform with REACH and are certified regularly by the TÜV Rheinland. As a result, our products are also permitted to be designated as personal protective equipment and thus can be placed in kids’ hands with a good conscious. Thanks to the top quality of our products, they have a long use life and will always present your customers in the best light.” More information is available under: