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New design for Premium Square Group

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 11.03.2022

Premium Square Europe B.V., an international specialist provider in the promotional products sector and based in Zoetermeer/Netherlands, is stepping up with a new logo and identity. These new features are intended to reflect expansion into new markets, commitment to partnerships and obligations towards the future. Premium Square informs us that 2022 is “the year of optimism and positivity”: The corporate group “is introducing more than 50 new products in existing and new (non-electronic) product categories; the recently acquired sales offices in France and Spain are in full operation; Look! magazine issue 3 has been published; there are co-operations with European brands such as Huomio and Tapio (design from Finland).” All this is reflected in a new “visual identity”, which also finds expression in the design of the updated website.

“Despite all the challenges brought about by the Covid pandemic, our company has evolved intensively in recent years. We have been focusing on our brand B8ta and Le Zen and expanded them in the B2B and retail area so we can offer an exclusive product range that represents reliability, quality and fun. I am thrilled that we have been able to expand our distribution network and collaboration with European brands and that we have begun expanding our product categories in order to become the ‘Creative Gift Partner’ of choice. Our aim is to be a specialist provider of patented, creative, functional and durable gifts, whose products astonish and have a long-lasting effect. Our new visual identity reflects this strategy,” says Arthur Strijbos, the Group’s CEO. More information at: