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Donations-in-kind for the Ukraine with local partners

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 23.03.2022

The company RÖMERFAMILIE from Traben-Trarbach quickly organised a donation drive for donations-in-kind to assist the war refugees from the Ukraine together with local businesses. Sebastian Römer remarks, “Russia’s war of aggression and the enormous suffering of innocent people in the Ukraine affects us all. We find it difficult to just go on with our normal daily lives. For this reason, we wanted to do something to help, and we quickly joined forces with other like-minded people and businesses”. In the donation drive, Römerfamilie donated food and several pallets of products from their own assortment, including towels, blankets, hygiene and cosmetic products. Many employees and other businesses in the area also got involved.

The donations were collected and sorted by a haulage firm from the same industrial estate where the company is located. Two lorry drivers offered to drive the goods to the Romanian border with the Ukraine at the beginning of last week. “Since most of the refugees have been going to the Polish border, most of the donations-in-kind have been going to this area. However, there are also many refugees fleeing to the Romanian/Ukrainian border and they have only received a little assistance up until now”, explains Sebastian Römer. “We are delighted that we were able to make a small contribution so quickly and easily, and we are staying in contact with the authorities to find out how we can help the refugees here in our community. We are sure that the promotional product industry in particular can assist people quickly in an unbureaucratic way with their useful products, which is why we hope that many other businesses in our industry will follow our example”.