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Put an end to disposable ToGo packaging!

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 01.04.2022

Attention gourmets of tasty ToGo food: Now there’s an end to disposable waste!

elasto – one of Europe’s leading promotional products suppliers in the field of plastic production Made in Germany – is declaring war on disposable packaging for take-away food. The new elastoREuse range is the reusable and sustainable solution – for fast food without a guilty conscience.


A modern lifestyle, work, hobbies, sports, always on the go – sometimes cooking at home falls by the wayside. The number of take-away orders is continuously increasing. This also increases the amount of disposable packaging. This means it is more important than ever to find a balance between human behaviour and its impact on the environment.

Long-life reusable packaging offers a contribution to solving this problem. elasto has been doing valuable pioneering work on this topic for years. This was also the case with the development of our elastoREuse series.

With the new elastoREuse boxes, we are declaring war on disposable packaging for take-away food. They are the sustainable alternative to disposable packaging. This finally puts an end to unnecessary waste production.

Due to the robust material, the boxes are particularly notable for their durability and environmental balance. The polypropylene boxes can easily withstand many rinses, saving a tremendous amount of disposable packaging and therefore costs for the caterer, as well as waste for the consumer. And not only that! When comparing the manufacturing and recycling conditions with alternative materials such as glass or metal, PP performs many times better. Less energy is required in the manufacturing process and the material has a lower weight, which saves fuel during transport.

Legislation in Germany has also responded to the waste problem that single-use packaging causes. Restaurants are required to use reusable take-away packaging and our boxes are the ideal solution for restaurateurs, customers and the environment. A new packaging law was passed in January 2021: According to this law, restaurants, bistros and cafés that sell take-away food or to-go drinks must also offer their food in reusable packaging from 2023. The reusable version must not be more expensive than the product in the disposable packaging.

Thus, our boxes have been carefully designed and optimised in close cooperation with various restaurateurs. We have continued to refine the products and have perfectly adapted our REuse range to the requirements of the catering industry. As a result, for example, ventilation slots were installed in the burger and menu boxes to protect the hot dishes inside from the condensing water vapour.

A central point in the REuse campaign is the constant expansion of the product range. elastoREuse offers six different boxes in five different colours, all manufactured at the Sulzbach-Rosenberg site. Due to this, of course, other colours are also possible on request. The boxes are finished by laser engraving as standard, as this process does not affect the use and contact with food.

And if our boxes do end up at the end of their life, we will take them back free of charge and recycle them completely. The recyclate is turned into a wonderful new item and the cycle starts all over again.

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