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General Meeting of PIAP: New authorities

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 30.05.2022

After two years of hybrid meetings, the time has come to organise the Reporting and Election General Meeting of Members of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products in the form organised so far – with the participation of Members of the Chamber. The meeting was held on 20 May 2022 in the charming corners of southern Poland in Wadowice, at the Młyn Jacka Hotel & SPA. During the event, the present Members, among others, elected a new composition of the Management Board and the Audit Committee of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products.

As the President of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products, Jacek Kozłowski from Guapa Produkcja Sp. z o.o. was elected, who during the previous term of the association’s authorities served as the Vice-President of PIAP. The position of Vice-President of PIAP was taken by Edyta Lisowska from Eblis B&L, who, during the two previous terms served as the President of the Chamber, while Aneta Kamińska from the advertising agency Salon Reklamy was elected the second Vice-President of PIAP. The following have been appointed as the Members of the Management Board of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products for the years 2022/2025: Aneta Niciak Refloactive Sp. z o.o., Magdalena Humeńczuk – Inspirion Polska Sp.z o.o., Wojciech Wąsowski – 12M, Sebastian Piłka – Inter…Test and Zbigniew Grzeszczuk.

The PIAP Audit Committee has been composed of: Zbigniew Zieliński – AWIH, who was appointed as the Chairperson of the PIAP Audit Committee, Anna Tomal – Mart Ceramic (Vice-Chairperson of the AC), Zbigniew Czulak – Ritter Pen (Secretary of the AC), Members of the Audit Committee: Zbigniew Kaczor MAXIM Ceramics and Maciej Dembiński from Rosnowski Gift.

During the meeting, the financial statements of the Association for 2021 were adopted and a discharge was given to the Management Board for 2021. The PIAP action plan for 2022/2023 was also accepted. A decision was also made to extend the term of office of the PIAP Management Board, from two to three years, as from 2022. After the meeting, in the evening the Jubilee Industry Evening for the PIAP Members was held, during which the 15th anniversary of the Chamber was celebrated.

I am very happy that I will be able to participate in the continuation of the work initiated in the previous term. Taking into account the 15th anniversary of our organisation, I am aware of how much has been done but also of enormous challenges we face. The number of people wishing to build the image of PIAP, by running for the Management Board or supporting the work of the Management Board, is very encouraging. This proves that the best interests of our Association are important for all of us, and at the same time guarantees the achievement of the assumed goals“, says Jacek Kozłowski, the new President of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products.

“Today, the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products brings together more than 180 companies which, despite the difficulties, operate and grow dynamically! Recent years have proven that associated companies are characterised not only by creativity, but also by courage both in making decisions and in operating. Together, we are fighting for a better tomorrow and for a greater role of advertising gifts – we will seek to make marketers aware of the great potential they have, how many positive feelings and associations they entail. Thank you very much for your votes and trust and I wish all of us success in this jubilee year of the 15th anniversary of PIAP“, says Edyta Lisowska, Vice President of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products.

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