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“Makers Line” Distinguished with the German Brand Award 2022

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 14.06.2022

The “Makers Line”, an individual sub-brand in the self-made look by Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH, has been distinguished with the German Brand Award 2022. As a tradition-steeped German manufacturer, Schneider Schreibgeräte places value on continuously and consistently building up its brand. Every thought merits a write-up: with ball-point pen, marker, rollerball, fountain pen and many more, the Schneider brand has been synonymous with Made in Germany writing instruments for more than 80 years. Schneider enjoys international renown and has already been distinguished on repeated occasions for excellent brand operations.

With a product portfolio comprising new, high-quality products, Schneider is more broadly based than ever before, with the intent to reach a new target group in the expanding do-it-yourself market. The aim is to optimally address creative individualists who seek to realise their full potential by materialising their own ideas. An individual sub-brand in the self-made look, by the name of “Makers Line”, is the outcome of joint market-strategy considerations in partnership with the brand agency Schmelter Brand Design from Munich. Although the affiliation with the umbrella brand is unmistakeable, the “Makers Line” is autonomous. Unconventional, courageous, lively and on customers’ wavelength: “Makers’ minds cannot be tamed. We can only set them free!” runs its motto. A dedicated Web presence, [], maker stories, campaigns, plus the playing of various “Makers Line” social media channels, provide outreach support at the POS.

This successful engagement has now been distinguished with the renowned German Brand Award in the “Excellent Brands” category for outstanding brand operations. The German Brand Award is a contest held by the German Brand Institute, which was founded by the German Design Council and GMk Markenberatung. The expert committees of the German Design council preside over the selection of contest entries, a procedure which assures the independence and excellence of the Award. The independent, interdisciplinary jury is comprised of companies, scientists, consultants, service providers and agencies. The prize-winners of the German Brand Awards were honoured in Berlin on 9 June 2022. More than 700 invited guests from the creative industry, politics and media followed the exclusive invitation, which additionally converts into high recognition and coverage for the “Makers Line” by Schneider.