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Daiber: Trade flyer for target group-oriented customer approach

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 05.07.2022

Gustav Daiber GmbH provides its dealers with printed trade flyers containing product recommendations for corporate fashion from the JAMES & NICHOLSON and myrtle beach brands that is suitable for different areas of application. With the all-round service campaign, which also includes editable newsletter templates for each topic, this family business supports its dealers in addressing customers in a way that suits the target group.

The new trade flyers for retailers contain product recommendations for corporate fashion from the JAMES & NICHOLSON and myrtle beach brands, each of which is tailored to specific areas of work or applications. They support dealers in offering suitable products to customers from different trades, as well as opening up new customer groups and addressing them in a targeted manner. In this way, buyers have all the products suitable for their area of ​​work ready at a glance. There will be a total of around 10 flyers for different areas of application, including the topics of medical, logistics & delivery, cities and municipalities, trades, (home) office and education.

Suitable images – both product and lifestyle images – for the products shown are available to retailers in the Daiber Media Cloud. “With this new service campaign, we want to make it easier for our dealers to address customers in a target group-oriented manner and provide them with a tool that helps them select the right product. We are pleased to be able to offer added value and to be able to further strengthen our relationships with our retailers,” explains Mario Besenfelder, Sales Manager at Daiber.

About 20 products from the corporate fashion range of JAMES & NICHOLSON and myrtle beach are presented in each flyer, which are tailored to the different requirements of the respective industries and applications. Each flyer is structured in such a way that all the advantages of the product line can be seen at a glance right from the start – for example the high durability of the materials, the use of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled polyester or the wide range of colours and sizes available. This is followed by possible recommendations for individual refinement, depending on the industry. If you want to see the refinement visualized, you can use the Daiber Designer. Finally, the products themselves are clearly presented one after the other. Further information at:

Picture: Gustav Daiber GmbH