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SPRINTIS optimally prepared for the calendar business

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 23.07.2022

Bottlenecks in the world’s seas, chaos at ports, the war in the Ukraine and the effects of corona are paralysing the world economy. SPRINTIS, an internationally active specialist wholesaler for printing, book binding and promotional product supplies has prepared itself early on for the challenging market situation. By undertaking cautious planning and making proactive changes in procurement processes, the warehouse of the online company is well-stocked. The supplier known throughout the industry is optimally prepared for the upcoming calendar business 2023.

The online wholesaler is selling practically all types of supplies for calendar accessories and has a vast range of varieties available from one source. According to SPRINTIS, it is the largest European suppliers for many products that can also produce custom-made products. Through adequate strategies, the company has taken measures early on to successfully counter the adverse market conditions. SPRINTIS assures its customers delivery capacity for its products as well as their availability at the start of the calendar production for 2023. Its full assortment of products can be seen in its online shop at: