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Survey attests to major role of promotional items

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 26.08.2022

The promotional products distributor allbranded from Hamburg sees itself not only as a seller, but also as an expert in its industry. This is why the allbranded team has conducted its first survey on the subject of “Promotional items in companies and organisations”. And it certainly delivered some positive results for this three-dimensional advertising medium.

allbranded used a survey to carry out a detailed analysis of various aspects of the subject: How important are promotional products nowadays for companies and organisations? And how important will they be in the future? What are the most common reasons for using promotional gifts? What attributes should they have in order to be viewed positively? And what role does COVID-19 play here? These and other questions covering the subject of promotional merchandise were put to 120 employees at various companies and organisations. They delivered some fascinating results:

●  80% of respondents use promotional products regularly in their company or organisation and recognise how important the tactile qualities of this type of advertising are for their business.

●  Over 60% of those surveyed rank promotional merchandise in their top-three most important marketing measures. This means that promotional gifts win out over the digital marketing activities SEA and SEO.

●  A majority of respondents use promotional items to direct attention to their own brand, to boost popularity and attract new customers.

●  The subject of sustainability is constantly gaining in importance in the promotional merchandise industry as sustainable promotional products certainly represent a decisive factor for a majority of recipients.

●  8 out of 10 respondents indicated that their budget for promotional merchandise will stay the same for the next three years or even increase. For the majority of participants in the survey, promotional gifts are at least as important today as they were before the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find these and further results from the survey in allbranded’s detailed white paper at:

International resonance

The great majority of respondents use promotional merchandise for their business. Whereas for just 20% of respondents, promotional merchandise plays no role in their company or organisation. The majority however recognise the crucial advantages that promotional gifts offer for their success.

The online survey was conducted between March and April 2022. 120 employees from companies, institutions or organisations were asked 19 questions. Participants were based in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and the UK. According to allbranded “data was compiled with all due care and to the best of our knowledge but there is no claim that content is up-to-date or exhaustive. This is not a scientific study.”

About allbranded

allbranded is a B2B company and marketplace for customisable promotional merchandise. The allbranded online shop offers over 50,000 promotional items that can be printed individually with your logo, design or slogan. CEO Arne Schubert founded the company with headquarters in Hamburg in 2011. allbranded is now one of the major suppliers of promotional merchandise and aims to achieve continued international growth. Creative advertising media can be configured at the nine online shops in Europe and the USA too. allbranded avoids the unnecessary expense incurred by holding inventories and using intermediaries thanks to the fully automated B2B online shop and associated production network. These savings are passed on directly to our customers. We are constantly improving the online shop and adding new features. For further information go to: