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The new mbw® collection becomes colorful

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 31.08.2022

The motto of mbw® “We make you feel” will remain part of the 2023 programme. For more than 40 years, the products of the Wanderup-based company have been light-hearted, likeable, cuddly and sustainable. The corporate philosophy is consistently reflected in its keen sense of trends and the zeitgeist as well as responsible action.

“The development of new collections and marketing tools is very near to the heart of mbw. It therefore it invests much time and know-how into surprising and inspiring people year after year. Good products for tomorrow are characterised by high-quality materials, modern colours, pleasant designs and trends as well as ecological sustainability when it comes to materials and production”, says managing director Jan Breuer.  

The team from mbw® is already offering a small preview of 2023 now: the upcoming collection “of course contains several ecologically sustainable articles”. Whether as a product add-on or valuable bonus for distributors, a gift from towns or clubs, as a sweet sign of encouragement, a funny give-away after consultations, a cute gift for guests, a playmate, a cool promotional messenger or a small token of appreciation: those who wish to not only give long-lasting joy, but also want to make an ecologically sustainable impression can again rely on the cuddly squad from the popular Recycle Collection next year, recommends Jan Breuer.

Yet many other things are going on in terms of animal-related products. The dog toy series has also been expanded to include a few new products and offers companies such as insurance firms, hotels, dog food manufacturers, veterinarians, municipalities or pet accessories shops great potential to address new target groups. “Anyone who explores the range of products from mbw® quickly realises that it offers tailor-made items for nearly every branch and every occasion. And the colourful world of mbw® is constantly growing”, says Jan Breuer. Among other events, mbw® is presenting its new products within a group of partner companies at the Welcome Home Tour from 29 November to 8 December 2022.