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New employee in transfer printing at mbw

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 07.11.2022

Since April, customers of the Wanderup-based company mbw have been benefiting from a new, high-quality printing process for textile accessories, cuddly toys, key rings and the like. Almost any type of textile can be finished using this process for imprints, regardless of whether they have very fine details, are large-scale motifs or single-colour logos or require halftone printing and gradients. Along with the introduction of the new printing process, the mbw team has welcomed Mark Beckmann, an industrial master craftsman for digital and print media. Since spring, he has been responsible for checking the data, creating the transfers and operating the machine. “I have a lot of fun alternating between printing and working with data”, says Beckmann. “We are happy about our competent new employee and the great projects that we can now implement even better”, states Managing Director Jan Breuer.

Photo: Mark Beckmann at the new transfer printing machine.