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PSI Community Support by Cargo SEAL: Networking is when everyone wins.

Julia Bernert

Published on 13.11.2022

PSI Director Petra Lassahn spoke with Klaus Dittkrist, Managing Director of Cargo SEAL GmbH, about special solutions for PSI members that the freight and transportation company has found for disruptions in international supply chains.

Petra Lassahn: Mr. Dittkrist, due to the strict zero-covid strategy in China, one lockdown wave seems to seamlessly follow the other over there. Currently, over 200 million people are affected again, accounting for about a quarter of China’s GDP. The global economy has been suffering from these disruptions in international supply chains for almost three years now – especially our industry. What has changed in your company as a result?

Klaus Dittkrist: As a long-time PSI member in the transport and logistics sector, we naturally face major challenges from shipping companies and container terminals around the world, and not just when it comes to imports from the Far East. However, we positioned ourselves early on as part of the solution, not the problem. Many importers and manufacturers are aware of the well-known, negative experiences with “CIF deliveries” and today only conclude sales contracts on the basis of “FOB clauses”. We advise professionally, focus on speed, make clear that “cheap rates” are at the expense of reliability, mean considerable loss of service and ultimately also trigger extra costs!

Petra Lassahn: It can take up to two months for containers to travel from Shanghai to Hamburg, and another month for import handling – that is now almost normal. Many PSI members can hardly plan realistically with such time frames anymore.

Klaus Dittkrist: We know this situation and have reacted appropriately to it. Of course, we have no influence on the transit times of the ships. We secure actual advantages with our own consolidated containers, fast export and import handling, are flexible and imaginative in the lead time from the factory to the port of loading, and can thus achieve savings of two to three weeks! At the same time, we offer a transit time of approx. 30 days for transport by rail, and we are also checking the alternative by truck. And for particularly time-critical cases, we can always calculate air freight at short notice. Whether as direct flight, in reloading or in standby service, express or economy, the transit times determine the price. Please do not hesitate to ask us!

Petra Lassahn: Do your customers also have any time advantages in the area of customs and import handling?

Klaus Dittkrist: Especially there. We schedule the complete import handling and customs clearance already one week before the ship arrives in Hamburg. Upon availability, the containers are immediately accepted at the terminal, followed by direct unloading at our warehouse. Our realistic target is to have the goods ready no later than five days after discharge. Delivery to the end customer should then only take a maximum of 48 hours. With rail or truck freight, even shorter times are of course possible.

Petra Lassahn: Can you also ensure sufficient regional network coverage and prompt pickup with your service in such a large country as China?

Klaus Dittkrist: We can load from almost any region in China several times a week. PSI members enjoy priority with the special offers! In our network we react flexibly and quickly to the respective situation. Tailored to the specific needs of the customer, we look for the perfect transport solution and thus always support with personal service!

Petra Lassahn: That should certainly be of particular interest to many PSI members at the moment. Will you also be at PSI in January?

Klaus Dittkrist: Of course, we have all waited long enough for this. I will be very happy to answer all your questions about logistics and transport in person there – or in advance by e-mail at

Petra Lassahn: Mr. Dittkrist, we look forward to seeing you again in Düsseldorf in January and thank you for talking to us.