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95 Years of koziol: The Sustainability Brand

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 18.11.2022

The name koziol has been synonymous with happiness and design since 1927, and its original products continue to captivate people across the world. In November 2022, the company marks its 95th birthday. “Of course, we could take stock at this point, but koziol prefers to say thank you to all employees and colleagues, customers and companions, critics and friends and, of course, all fans,” states managing director Stephan Koziol. Naturally, even in its anniversary year the design brand has not stopped moving, for in times like these, inner values are more in demand than ever before. A visionary brand relaunch has thus been ventured: koziol is “The Sustainability Brand”.

The family-run company from Erbach in the Forest of Odes, which started out making jewellery first from ivory and then from thermoplastics, has stuck firmly to its policy of manufacturing exclusively in Germany since it was founded. This guarantees resource-efficient and environmentally friendly production – and sustainability was and continues to be a core value of the brand. In the past two years, a lot of energy and considerable investments have been put into making this corporate philosophy even more tangible in the current collection. For example, koziol has been operating 100% climate-neutrally since 2021.

The biggest innovation is the conversion of practically the whole collection to koziol’s Organic Bio-Circular material. This new, revolutionary plastic is extracted from used vegetable oils from the catering industry, which thus receive a new lease on life. In addition, the material is supplemented with wood fibres from Swedish paper production that originate from FSC-certified cultivation. For the first time, there is hence a material that originates from renewable resources and is simultaneously approved for food use.

“Basically, we’re thinking like a start-up. Just one with 95 years of experience,” comments company boss Stephan Koziol on the brand and strategy realignment. “And we’re also unique on the market with this extensive expertise. We’re helping our customers to react more sustainably and are synonymous with unique, award-winning products, responsible handling of resources, and production that conserves the environment. Happiness is sustainability!” Happiness is also, however, loyal employees, who make many successful products possible in the first place with their knowledge and fun with experimentation.

Tradition in its third generation koziol is looking to the future with optimism, because, with Daniel Koziol, the third generation of entrepreneurs is co-developing the brand as he continues the tradition of the family-run company responsibly and with fresh new ideas. “We appreciate each and every person who contributes to our success and are grateful for our entire team, which is made up of top engineers and technicians, designers from across the world and dedicated employees,” comments the young company boss. “Our aim is to inspire with our contemporary design and provide an outlook onto the future featuring responsible production, ethical conduct, circular thinking and organic aesthetics.” koziol will exhibit its promotional products collection at PS1 2023 at booth 10D50.

Photo: On the path to a sustainable future: Company boss Stephan Koziol and son Daniel (left).