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The Outdoors Company: 15 years in the market

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 07.12.2022

November 2022 marks the fifteenth anniversary of The Outdoors Company, a supplier of promotional products and corporate wear to many of the world’s leading outdoor brands. Currently, the company partners a large portfolio of premium retail brands and is active in various sectors.

The founding of The Outdoors Company in 2007 had its roots in a vision of Paul Morley-Smith and Mark Dix, now directors and then running a successful ski business in Courchevel, France. Their idea was to supply high quality, premium outdoor brands to the corporate B2B market. “After a year of planning and negotiating with most of the top outdoor retail brands, The North Face was the first big company to back our big idea. This really kick-started the business in the first few years and gave us the foundation to tap into more high-end outdoor brands,” they said.

Explaining further: “Our goal and vision was to be the one-stop shop for all outdoor brands in the UK. Over the years, we have grown and built unique and lasting relationships with most of the leading outdoor brands. Today, we are tasked with developing the distribution of outdoor products for the corporate sector for leading retail brands such as The North Face, Berghaus, Patagonia, Montane, RAB and Columbia.”

The Outdoors Company has an experienced team and great advisory skills in choosing the most appropriate items from their range for each promotional objective. “Many companies are attracted to the idea of their brand or logo standing alongside many of the world’s best-known brands. Aligning a brand with the values and ideals of leading brands such as the environmentally conscious Patagonia sends a strong, sustainable message. And gifting high-quality promotional products, for example to employees, signals special appreciation. These products are more likely to be used both at work and during leisure time, which means greater visibility for the logos or promotional messages they carry,” explains Morley-Smith.

The Outdoors Company not only supplies high quality branded outdoor clothing, but also offers embroidery and printing services. Mark Dix comments, “We have the expertise and experience to ensure that these expensive garments are customised to the highest standard.”

When asked where they see their company in 15 years’ time, the directors say, “From 2023, we will operate a dedicated EU distribution centre in the Netherlands and be able to offer promotional product retailers an end-to-end service for the supply of apparel with decoration and delivery directly to the end customer. And we will always be on the lookout for that ‘certain something’ that our customers often ask for, while constantly working to expand our portfolio or brands and bring new partners on board. We’re all about staying ahead of the curve and keeping up with what’s hot in the industry.” For more information and contact: Tel +44 1270 757890 •