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Tie Solution: <strong>Major expansion in Europe launched</strong>

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 03.02.2023

The company Tie Solution GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of neckerchiefs, scarves, mitzahs, ties and winter scarves from Germany with headquarters in Wetzlar, is now focusing on European countries and plans a strategic expansion in Europe. Currently, Tie Solution GmbH is represented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain as a supplier in the merchandising, corporate identity and fashion segment. The website is to be relaunched in February 2023 in order for Tie Solution to cater to other European countries with Tie Solution products and services. Its quality is reflected by numerous successful national and European productions for well-known clients. To promote sales, the company is aiming for a strong presence on the internet. With the involvement of the Vlarom e-commerce agency, it will be approaching countries such as Italy and France as well as Scandinavia in the coming months. “We attach great importance to the fact that our B2B customers are only advised by native speakers“, explains Antonio Gea-Sanchez, managing director of the company. In the B2C segment Tie Solution GmbH took over and successfully tested the brand PB Pietro Baldini®™.

Photo: Tie Solution is launching an even greater expansion in Europe. © Tie Solution GmbH