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RASTAL rethinks decor design with the help of AI

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 19.04.2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is omnipresent: it has long been part of the algorithms of many search engines, helps with intelligent field irrigation in agriculture or writes weather reports, stock market news and sports highlights. Artists and designers now also use artificial intelligence as a tool for their creations. The RASTAL Design Studio has intensively dealt with the topic of AI and now enables its customers to develop effective motif ideas for drinking vessels with the help of AI.

With “AI.Art by RASTAL”, the finishing experts for drinking glass from Höhr-Grenzhausen are expanding their portfolio in the area of decorative design. The RASTAL design team has intensively studied the possibilities of AI and can now transfer the advantages of this future-oriented technology to the creation of motif ideas on glass. For example, a brewery is created from many small hop cones or the art of brewing beer: a three-armed brewmaster juggling his ingredients. The art of decor creation is to tell the AI what to do in the form of a so-called prompt. The creation of these prompts is like a complex recipe. The RASTAL designers have developed the handling of this input language and can thus create the basis for the final décor. Through appropriate composing, unique glass decors are then created. “With each composing, we get to know new decor worlds that will probably become everyday life for us at some point – until then, it remains an experience every time,” enthuses Carsten Kehrein, head designer at RASTAL. For customers, AI-supported motifs offer numerous advantages: In addition to an almost infinite imagination of the creation, one has the surprise effect as a first mover and the uniqueness of the motifs. The artworks are garnished with a digital certificate of authenticity, which can also be integrated into one’s own PR campaign. As of now, RASTAL’s customers can choose between classic and AI-supported design development of the motifs.

Image: © RASTAL