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Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 02.05.2023

DreamPen, a renowned Polish manufacturer of pens with individual clip shapes, has made some important changes with regard to ecological sustainability, environmental awareness and product innovations.

One of the most important innovations is the use of solar energy for 80 % of the production process. The switch to ‘clean energy’ reduces the CO2 footprint and thus the dependence on non-renewable energy sources as well. The solar panels installed in the production facilities have contributed to reducing energy costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. DreamPen has set the goal of becoming completely energy self-sufficient in the near future. 

DreamPen has also ventured into producing pens from organic material. The pens are made of corn starch. Unlike conventional ABS plastic pens, these pens are biodegradable and compostable. By switching to organic materials, the company is further reducing its ‘ecological footprint’.

DreamPen has also introduced a completely new line of products for its brand Invame. It consists of innovative fragrance diffusers, which create a relaxing and calming aroma experience for users. The diffusers can be printed all over, making them a distinctive promotional gift for any occasion. (Read more in the June issue of PSI Journal.)

Photo: The solar cells on the roof of the company building supply power for 80 % of the production process.