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Digitalisation as a guaranteed way to do business

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 23.05.2023

The well-known printing company Gernet Printpack GmbH is increasingly working on innovative projects that have only become possible due to digital transformation. For example, a case study on a comic store illustrates how a simple paper bag can be turned into a thrilling collector’s item. 

‘Digital printing is not a replacement for traditional printing”, explains Managing Director Michael Bromberger of Gernet Printpack GmbH in Mannheim. Instead, it changes the nature and purpose of a product and turns it into an individual and customised product, thereby striking a chord with customers. The case study on the comic store Ultra Comix, which was presented at the PSI 2023 trade show in Düsseldorf, highlighted how a ‘means of transport’ can be turned into a fascinating collector’s item in a digital printing workshop.

Digital transformation

The well-known special printing company is increasingly working on innovative projects and products that have only become only possible due to digital transformation, such as tote bags with custom prints or flexible (small) quantity print-on-demand services. This already begins in the ordering process in the webshop, where all interfaces come together. With the help of reliable, smart production processes and intelligent workflows, significantly more orders can be processed daily than before, and run times can be reduced. This results in shorter delivery times, and express delivery within 48 hours is also available.

Flexibility and sustainability

In addition to time factors, the topics of flexibility and sustainability are also becoming increasingly important – both on the demand and the supply side. More is less. Digital printing technology makes it possible to produce smaller runs and/or to change the motif more often. Keeping the average quantities produced in line with demand, in turn, leads to lower costs and prevents having to dispose of excessive amounts of printed materials that will end up out of date at some point.

Value added for customers

The value added for customers becomes apparent with the example of the Ultra Comix paper bag. The initial ordering cycle of over 3,000 pieces per year was modified to 250 pieces every two weeks for a new event-related or season-related layout. This made the limited transport medium highly sought after, and in the best case scenario, generated additional added value for the comic store. People surely have a positive perception of the product thanks to its reusability and sustainable materials, and the designs and ideas are transferable to other promotional products.

Tradition meets innovation

Founded in 1950 by Helmut Gernet as a wholesale company for packaging materials and packing room supplies, GERNET Printpack GmbH has since evolved into an international provider of innovative packaging solutions. Thanks to its employees’ comprehensive know-how and the use of state-of-the-art production technologies, the company says it has become the ‘market leader in the custom-made paper bag segment’.

Image: Gernet Case Study Ultra Comix – a promotional teaser tailored to the comics industry.
Photo: © GERNET Printpack