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T3L Group acquires Poul Willumsen p/s via Jalema B.V.

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 05.07.2023

T3L Group has acquired Poul Willumsen p/s (Denmark) via its Dutch subsidiary Jalema B.V.. With production companies in Denmark, France, the Netherlands and the USA, T3L- Group is “a global family of local manufacturers” specialising in film and board converting, injection moulding and printing. Founded in 2008, the group is a global player in B-to-B branded workplace products (djois®) and has strong expertise in non-branded personalised and OEM products.

As part of its strategy to strengthen its European position in the personalised and promotional products market, the Group has acquired the Danish company Poul Willumsen p/s. through its subsidiary Jalema B.V..

Poul Willumsen P/S has been producing and distributing promotional products, mainly key rings and money boxes for the European, North American and Japanese markets for more than 40 years.

“Jalema is a total service manufacturing company with extensive experience in injection moulding and knowledge of sustainable materials. This move will bring significant strategic and operational synergies between the Poul Willumsen business and Jalema’s other business units and the T3L Group worldwide,” said Managing Director Loet van de Kimmenade of Jalema B.V.

Kim Berg, CEO of T3L Group, adds: “For both our branded and non-branded operations, this acquisition not only offers great opportunities, but is also another important reinforcement of the industrial excellence and market leadership that our customers praise. I would like to thank Bo Willumsen for giving us the opportunity to expand the company founded by his family.” All machinery is currently being moved to the Jalema (NL) premises. Deliveries, sales and after-sales service will be fully maintained during the move, with no interruptions, according to a company statement.

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