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FARE visits local branch of DKVB

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 17.07.2023

The umbrella specialist Fare paid the local branch of the German Child Protection Association (DKBV) in Lindenberg as part of its #SCHUTZschirmfürKINDER campaign, which is being undertaken in cooperation with the DKBV organisation. The products ‘Fare 4Kids Skylight’ and the automatic walking-stick umbrella ‘Fare AC’ were showcased at the event. Fare invites other companies to get involved in the project: ‘Any company can participate which orders at least 96 Fare umbrellas imprinted with a logo and motif from a promotional product distributor and supports the DKBV with a minimum donation of 100 euros’. After a business indicates to its promotional product distributor that it wants to bepart of the campaign, it will be guided through the easy process using a check list. Once Fare is informed by the distributor that the company has made a donation, the company will be part of the campaign. Every umbrella in the order will receive an additional sticker on the hang tag, which briefly describes the campaign. Moreover, the company can decide whether they want the campaign logo to be printed on the closure strap as well. The company will then receive a digital donation certificate officially confirming their support for a more child-friendly society.

Photo: The Fare representative Dominik Dell together with the ‘Rockzipfel’ group in the playgroup room.