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Brand ambassador marks extraordinary anniversary

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 24.08.2023

An extraordinary anniversary has fallen in the promotional products team at Faber-Castell: for an incredible 40 years, Pia Rippl has been the perfect brand ambassador for Faber-Castell. She embarked on her training as an industrial management assistant at the tradition-steeped Franconian company in September 1983. Immediately following successful completion, she was accepted into the “promotional products and special transactions” sales division, where she has been exceedingly successful ever since. That also demonstrates two of her stand-out characteristics: continuity and reliability. Those, along with her high level of competence, make her a contact person who is appreciated by customers and colleagues in equal measure. Whether working from the office or in person at any of the numerous promotional products trade shows, the dog-lover and nature enthusiast always knows how to enthral the people around her with charm and empathy. Faber-Castell looks forward to her continued contribution in the years to come and says a most sincere thank-you for 40 fantastic years.

Photo: Pia Rippl has been the perfect brand ambassador for Faber-Castell for an incredible 40 years.