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Elasto announces exclusive air up® distribution

Julia Bernert

Published on 04.10.2023

As of now, elasto is the only company on the promotional merchandise market to distribute the air up® bottle with a 480 millilitre capacity. Not only that, it offers customised laser engraving on the bottle. The air up® bottle system is the first refillable drinking system in the world that flavours the water using scent, according to the official announcement from elasto. In air up®, the flavour is separated from the water, unlike with infused water for example.  A pod filled with natural aromas is inserted into the mouthpiece. When you drink through the straw, you take ‘flavoured air’ into the back of your throat along with the water. The scent molecules are perceived as taste when you breathe out. The air up® bottle marketed by elasto in a black design is made of stainless steel and will keep water cold for up to 14 hours.

Credit: elasto GmbH & Co. KG