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FARE intensives employer branding

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 05.10.2023

Under the motto ‘Why FARE? That’s why!’, the umbrella specialist from Remscheid is presenting itself with a fresh design and lots of openness to potential candidates.

FARE is well-known in the promotional product industry. However, outside of the business world, only relatively few people know the company – a situation that most B2B providers are familiar with. For this reason, a likeable, informative and yet brief company presentation is necessary to recruit new employees: Anyone interested in a position who visits a website because of a job advertisement, social media articles or personal recommendations must quickly find the information they are looking for and must be addressed on an emotional level just as quickly. If this is done, ‘Why FARE?’ turns into ‘That’s why!’ more often – and more applications are submitted. FARE has consistently taken this approach with a completely new design of its career website, and its success has clearly already been demonstrated.

Kerstin Grönke, HR-Manager at FARE: ‘When we spread the word on job portals, Instagram and Facebook for two positions, we received three times as many applications as similar announcements prior to the relaunch of our career website. We are thrilled.’ When people are asked about FARE, often the answer is ‘That’s the company with the umbrellas’, but not everyone knows what exactly the company does, even in our region. This is why establishing a strong employer brand is so incredibly important to be able to recruit the required personnel with the qualifications needed.

Employer Branding as an Ongoing Process

The new career website is a visible result of a process: In the beginning, we worked out together with the agency ‘lessingtiede’ what FARE is all about, what the company stands for and what it can really offer people. Then, we had to work out the concept design and texts. After the website’s launch, which is a key element of employer branding, we intend to set up other measures, especially regional ones, to make FARE an attractive employer in the long term. In the ‘career’ section on, the four questions ‘Who are we?’, ‘How do we work?’, ‘What do we offer?’ and ‘Where do we work?’ are answered in detail in a relaxed tone. Many statements from current employees can also be seen on the website. Of course, the open positions can be found there as well. ‘We think it is essential to hire people who fit in our team because a good atmosphere ensures that we have fun doing our work, and this motivation ultimately moves the company forward’, explains Kerstin Grönke.