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Daiber: New “Lifetime Partner” campaign

Simon Dietzen, Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 09.10.2023

Having worked over several months, Gustav Daiber GmbH has treated its corporate image to an overhaul. New colours and typesetting are not the only visible results: in the future, the corporate fashion manufacturer behind the proprietary brand JAMES & NICHOLSON is going to be decidedly in the foreground. Daiber is giving voice to its tightened strategy with the new “Lifetime Partner” campaign.

The visual outcome of the brand overhaul can be seen on the Daiber website from today. Alongside the subtly adjusted logo, the corporate design is also gleaming in fresh corporate colours. According to Daiber, “the current ads in the ‘Daiber does it’ and ‘Lifetime Partner’ campaigns, in particular, speak a different language than before.” The corporate fashion manufacturer from Alb, in Swabia, is steering attention towards the name Daiber. “Our customers and business partners are our top priority. Essentially, the name Daiber has represented that for more than 100 years now,” says CEO Kai Gminder, who directs the company in the fourth Daiber family generation together with Christof Kunze. “To be sure that we can nurture longstanding, appreciative and personal partnerships, our customers need to know and value more than just our fashion, but the name Daiber as well, and the values it represents.”

The company explains that its own understanding of long-term partnership is expressed in the ads in the new “Lifetime Partner” campaign. They depict a number of people – Max and Anna, for example – on their journey through life. From apprenticeship to retirement, Max and Anna are equipped with the right clothing. “We are connecting brands with people,” says CEO Christof Kunze, explaining the business model of the white label fashion from Daiber. “Our durable corporate fashion accompanies these people throughout their lives, the way we at Daiber will be accompanying our partners in trade and industry for as many years as we possibly can. That also applies for our employees: as a major employer in the Alb region, we offer them a secure job with outstanding social benefits.”

The strengths of the corporate fashion manufacturer behind JAMES & NICHOLSON are aimed at endurability: complete outfits thanks to a wide colour palette and a harmonised collection design, a host of sizes from XS to 4XL and, above all, high availability ex-warehouse. Thanks to these, items can be reordered and finished even many years after they appeared in the main catalogue.

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