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FiligRain Only95 successful again

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 17.10.2023

Weighing just 95 grams, the light-weight product from the umbrella specialist FARE – Guenther Fassbender GmbH from Remscheid already convinced the jury of the Red Dot Design Awards in 2019 and won in the category Product Design 2019. The small technical wonder once again impressed at the PromoSwiss Award Ceremony of the Swiss promotional products association PromoSwiss and was voted “Promotional Product of the Year 2023”. The development of the product was a challenge: reducing to the essentials and at the same time achieving the best possible flexibility and wind resistance as well as the minimum weight with an attractive look. The result is a pocket umbrella that weighs only 95g (without the case) and has a length of approx. 20.3 cm. It fits into both the inside pocket of a jacket as well as a standard women’s handbag. Despite its small size and weight, this model is not lacking FARE’s usual quality. This makes the umbrella the perfect companion for any weather and location, which reliably protects you from a surprise shower or provides a little shade during extreme heat. In addition to refining the umbrella wedges and the case, it is possible to put advertisements on the handle with high-quality doming.

Photo: The FiligRain Only95 fits into the smallest handbag or the inside pocket of a jacket.