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On-trend even in the Al Era: The return of textile accessories

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 17.10.2023

In a world defined by digital technology and short-lived trends, companies are increasingly falling back on traditional promotional strategies again in order to create a personal and lasting bond with their customers. Ties, handkerchiefs and other textile accessories in the guise of promotional products are experiencing an impressive renaissance in this context, precisely in our Al era, too. That is because they offer a unique opportunity to show off brands’ identity and add stylish touches at the same time. That is also the experience of the long-established specialists in this product area, the company Club Cravatte Crefeld. We have compiled the reasons for that in the following.

Timeless elegance and individuality

Ties, handkerchiefs and textile accessories have always been the epitome of elegance and individuality. In an era in which personalised communication is becoming more and more important, these promotional products enable a subtle way of presenting brands. Companies are able to represent their corporate identity in a unique way and simultaneously offer their customers the opportunity to identify with the company and turn it into a personal experience.

Creative expression and versatility

The world of textiles offers an abundance of possibilities for developing creative designs and messages. From classic patterns through to modern designs, there are countless options for achieving the desired promotional effect. Ties, handkerchiefs and textile accessories can be worn on a variety of occasions and in different situations, be it in the office, at events or during leisure time. This versality makes them a valued everyday companion, whereby the promotional message maintains a constant presence.

Sustainability and quality-consciousness

In the age of sustainability and conscious consumption, textile accessories in the guise of promotional products are becoming increasingly popular. Companies can insist on sustainable materials and production methods and thus demonstrate their environmental responsibility. Customers appreciate high-quality promotional products that are not only appealing, but also durable and environmentally friendly.

Emotion-driven customer loyalty

Textile accessories have a unique capability: they create emotional bonds. They are often used as gifts or rewards, in order to show appreciation for customers and colleagues. Gestures like these strengthen new and existing customer bonds, which leads, in the long term, to improved brand loyalty and a positive company image.

Traditional values, rediscovered

In a world that is dominated by technology and digital communication, many people are longing for traditional values and a hint of nostalgia. Ties, handkerchiefs and textile accessories convey this feeling of tradition and elegance. They are a homage to past times and have earned a special place in modern society.

A positive turn in the trend

Companies are increasingly recognising the significance of these traditional promotional products and their effectiveness in increasing brand awareness. The combination of timeless elegance, creative expression, sustainability and emotion-driven loyalty makes ties, handkerchiefs and textile accessories a trend that will continue to develop positively.

Picture: Club Crawatte Crefeld