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Opening doors and hearts

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 17.10.2023

The company Karl Knauer – a specialist for innovative packaging, promotional products and gift packages made of cardboard, corrugated cardboard and paper – has been a partner of Deutsche Post for more than 10 years now. Ever since, it has been developing extraordinary chocolate-filled Advent calendars year for year, which create a feeling of joyous anticipation of Christmas among employees, customers and business partners alike. With much love of detail and above all with creative ideas and skilful production, it has made calendars in the shape of a sled, Christmas village and treasure chest, for example, which have been sent around the world.    

“We are delighted about this long-term, extraordinary cooperation with Deutsche Post. It is very important to continually surprise and inspire our partners in a positive way by developing solutions which perfectly match the time and mood”, says Oliver Wedinger, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer, with regard to his team’s motivation. For example, this was the case in 2019 when Karl Knauer made the first plastic-free Advent calendar for Deutsche Post. The themes ecological sustainability and environmental protection play an important role for both companies and it was therefore an important milestone when they were able to entirely do without using plastic for the first time in the sled Advent calendar in 2019.

In the year 2021, which was characterised by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Deutsche Post turned the Post Tower in Bonn into a yellow heart. This heart symbolised solidarity, endurance and gratefulness during difficult times. Karl Knauer seized on the idea and fittingly created an Advent calendar in the shape of a yellow heart, which was decorated with 24 small folding boxes filled with chocolate.

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In close coordination with Deutsche Post, Karl Knauer is developing the individual designs of the Advent calendars. Illustrators are responsible for the graphic design. Karl Knauer completely takes care of the production of the Advent calendars, the co-packing in boxes of 10 and the subsequent pallet shipping. The orders are picked and calculated precisely in advance so that no half pallets have to be sent out. This both saves costs and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.  

The years of experience and ideal preparation are key to ensuring that the workflow for large quantities functions perfectly every year.

Photo: “Christmas house” Advent calendar from Deutsche Post. Source: Karl Knauer KG