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German Sustainability Award presented to Schneider Schreibgeräte

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 28.11.2023

Schneider Schreibgeräte is the winner of the German Sustainability Award (DNP) in the office supplies/advertising materials category. (We reported.) Schneider was “very proud” to receive the German Sustainability Award at the award ceremony at the MARITIM Hotel in Düsseldorf on 23 November. Among the approximately 1,000 guests were personalities from business, politics, culture, sport and the media. The DNP honours Schneider as a role model for transformative solutions derived from the United Nations 2030 Agenda, the goals of the EU Green Deal and the German government’s sustainability strategy.

The DNP is recognised as Europe’s largest award for ecological and social commitment. The expert jury selected the medium-sized family business Schneider from Schramberg-Tennenbronn as one of the leading sustainable pioneers in the German economy with this award. It honours Schneider’s long-standing efforts and steps taken on topics such as durability, recyclability, genuine added value, use of renewable raw materials, refillability and recyclability of end products.

“Big crowd” at the DNP award ceremony: The approximately 1,000 guests included personalities from business, politics, culture, sport and the media.

The background 

Schneider pioneered environmental protection and resource conservation out of conviction at a time when this was still ridiculed by many. Sustainability has been deeply rooted in Schneider’s corporate philosophy since 1998 with EMAS certification. Environmental protection is a central concern for the forward-looking company Schneider. Schneider is still the only writing instrument manufacturer to be certified at all its production sites in accordance with the European Union’s EMAS environmental management system, the most demanding in the world.

The EMAS premium standard also includes the requirements of the international environmental management standard ISO 14001, but goes far beyond this. EMAS is performance-orientated and requires companies to make continuous improvements, which are then verified by independent, state-approved environmental auditors. In addition, publication of performance to the public in an environmental statement is mandatory.

Schneider promotes the sustainability of its products with innovative, resource-saving materials such as bio-based or recycled plastic. The first biros to be awarded the world’s most recognised eco-label, the “Blue Angel”, came from Schneider. According to the company, 8 out of 10 certified sustainable writing instruments today come from Schneider. Many initiatives, such as an e-mobility strategy, procurement with short transport routes or the use of 100% renewable green electricity at all production sites, are aimed at further reducing the impact on the environment and society. Schneider’s medium-term goal is to embed genuine ecologically sound features in every product so that retailers can also offer their sustainability-minded customers customised solutions.


Photo above: elighted to receive the award in Düsseldorf (from left): Martina Schneider, Stephan Lauble, Christian Schneider, Frank Groß.