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Faber-Castell: Top place in ranking of medium-sized companies

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 29.11.2023

Which medium-sized companies can overcome challenges such as competition, difficult site conditions or transformation? Who can conquer markets and who ends up losing? Answers were revealed by the ranking of 10,000 of the most important medium-sized companies, which can now be seen in the fall 2023 version. For the first time, Faber-Castell succeeded in placing among the Top 100 – by jumping by 43 points to 68th place.

The ranking considers companies that are majority owned by German entrepreneurs and assesses them using a scoring index comprising 39 criteria. ‘Medium-sized 10,000’ is considered the gold standard for ongoing surveys of the most important German medium-sized companies and has been published since 2017.

According to its own information, the Faber-Castell Group achieved its second-highest level of turnover in the company’s history with an increase in sales of almost 25% to around 650 million euros. The industrial company founded in 1761 is one of the oldest in the world and has been a family-run business for nine generations. Today, the company is the most important manufacturer of wood-cased pencils, producing over 2 billion lead and coloured pencils per year and employing around 6,500 people. As an industry pioneer in environmentally friendly industrial production processes, Faber-Castell’s entrepreneurial spirit is focused on securing the important resource of wood. The company, which has had its headquarters in Stein, Bavaria since the mid-1980s, processes fast-growing conifers from their own forests in Brazil.

Photo: Stefan Leitz, Chairman of the Board of Faber-Castell AG. © Faber-Castell