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Premiere at PSI 2024: Pop-up exhibition celebrates the history of promotional products

Julia Bernert

Published on 30.11.2023

In cooperation with Cybergroup International, PSI will be opening one of the largest galleries of its kind on all three days of the trade show. On 170 square metres, the new pop-up exhibition “MoPA Museum of Promotional Articles” invites visitors on a journey through the past, present and future of promotional articles.

2024, Europe’s leading trade show for the promotional products industry will offer a very special exhibition experience centred around the history of promotional products in Hall 10. Under the slogan “Tradition meets Transformation”, eleven time capsules will show how the promotional product came about, where it originated, what its original purpose was and how the future of this marketing instrument could look.

The pop-up exhibition will premiere at PSI 2024. In cooperation with the leading European associations, the exhibition aims to inspire visitors throughout Europe.

A specialised archive for promotional items: Collection researched worldwide

For the past 12 months, a dedicated team of experts from Cybergroup International has been working on bringing the history of promotional items to life. They have been researching all over the world, looking for unique items and liaising with other museums to compile a globally unique exhibition.

“The aim is to synthesise the most important contemporary witnesses from the very beginning, some of which have always been regarded as evidence of a period of civilisation: Sacrificial offerings, election campaigns, advertising, branding or even employee recruitment and retention are included in applied art and all crafts as art forms. Our aim is to curate a globally unique collection that values both the history and the complexity of the industry,” announces Cybergroup CEO Steven Baumgaertner.

From Ancient Times to the Future: Through the Tradition and Transformation of Promotional Products

On 170 square metres and in eleven interactive room installations and an adjoining shop, PSI visitors travel through the history of the promotional product. Each interactive room represents the development of individual product worlds, from their general creation to their first use in the world of advertising. Needless to say, the focus is also on the future. Where are promotional products and merchandise heading, and how? What influence do modern technologies have and how can they be integrated into our future of haptic advertising?

The MoPA app – an interactive MoPA experience

When entering the museum, the mobile phone turns into a digital museum guide. With valuable background information on the exhibits, images, stories, films and sound provide guidance through the exhibition thanks to the cooperation partner Musivus. The audio guide is activated with GPS/geofence only in the museum and can be started by visitors with interactions. Simply scan the QR code, enter the exhibit number or go to a station.

The MoPA Shop

Right next to the Museum of Promotional Articles, the MoPA Shop brings the museum spirit to life once again. Here visitors will find a variety of traditional and, above all, new articles, attractively displayed in the look and feel of a modern shop window. Tradition meets transformation in the shop. The range includes anything from classical and traditional promotional items to the latest product trends.

The MoPA Café

At the MoPA Café, visitors can immerse themselves in a world of inventive and artistic dialogue on the topic of tradition vs. transformation while enjoying a delicious coffee creation. With comfortable seating, the café is an inviting retreat for dialogue, reflection and breaks.