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PromoAlliance: PSI, ASI and Sourcing City step up collaboration

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 13.12.2023

PSI, the Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) and Sourcing City are stepping up their collaboration and strategic partnership. The aim of the “PromoAlliance” is to offer distributors, suppliers and finishers a platform for getting to know and understand international markets as well as for serving intercontinental customers.

Joining the PromoAlliance enables members to get into touch really easily with industry colleagues across Europe and North America. The updated PromoAlliance website is not only the pivotal information hub, but it also offers wider member benefits, improved networking opportunities, easier cross-border trade show participations, access to market data, and a reinvigorated global alliance.

 “Our PromoAlliance partnership with ASI and Sourcing City is an incredible opportunity for our members to generate new business outlooks. Due to the convergence of these excellent networks and sharing our impressive competences we are able to offer top conditions in important markets and also open up new exhibitor and visitor potentials for PSI at the global level,” comments PSI Director Petra Lassahn, describing the partnership’s merits.

Timothy M. Andrews, Chairman and CEO of ASI, emphasises: “PromoAlliance is redefining the global promotional network and offering ASI members who are active in today’s dynamic global environment tangible benefits at the global level. Accession to this solid international alliance, which is headed by three influential personalities from the promotional products business, is of crucial importance to members who operate in international markets and supply customers on all continents.”

David Long, founder and CEO at Sourcing City, adds: “Sourcing City Plus ASI and PSI are well-known in their domestic markets as providers of first-class industry services, and we also organise the important relevant industry trade shows. This close collaboration is intended to offer the promotional products business practical benefits at numerous levels on all continents.”

The newly designed PromoAlliance website offers members a whole new range of attractive benefits:

  • Real-time lists of suppliers and distributors with a global reach that are interested in international networking,
  • Exclusive data on the promotional markets in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom,
  • Comprehensive global research on products, trends and market dynamics,
  • Extensive and continuously updated reporting on international industry topics,
  • Webinars with leading personalities in the global promotional products markets.