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PSI 2024: Strictly regulated access for marketeers

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 15.12.2023

Clear answers to the question of who is able to visit PSI are provided by the visitor concept, which clarifies: the PSI trade show does not invite marketeers. Exclusively distributor members of the PSI have the opportunity to invite up to ten of their customers, and they can only do that on the third day of the trade show. So, those wishing to show their customers the full diversity and creativity of promotional products can take their guests on an individual tour around the trade show under their own responsibility on the final trade show day. Therefore, marketeers can only visit the PSI trade show on Thursday, 11 January 2024 at the invitation of their PSI distributor. With a click to the myPSI area within the PSI network website, distributors find the button “How do you invite your buyers?” where they get all the information needed: the personal voucher code itself as well as a banner with the voucher code for downloading. Here, distributors can also find an overview of those customers who have redeemed the distributor’s voucher code and who are already registered. 

Marketeers whose promotional products distributors are not a PSI member can search for a PSI distributor who can provide assistance and advice in the PSI distributor member database at

To avoid any uncertainties, PSI asks all exhibitors to have relevant price lists at the ready.

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