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3 questions for Agustina Campos about the participation of BIC Graphic Europe at PSI 2024

Julia Bernert

Published on 26.12.2023

BIC Graphic Europe is returning to PSI 2024. Two weeks ahead of the show, we spoke with Communications Manager Agustina Campos about the challenges and trends in the industry, as well as the expectations of the listed promotional products supplier for PSI 2024.

Agustina, BIC Graphic Europe is coming back to PSI 2024: What was the deciding factor?

Agustina Campos: „BIC Graphic is thrilled to come back to PSI 2024, rooted in a profound commitment to the vibrant promotional products industry community. This return not only allows us to rekindle existing relationships and forge new connections but also presents an ideal opportunity to showcase our dedication to sustainable solutions that shape our collective future. Our participation at PSI underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous knowledge acquisition, solidifying our position at the forefront of industry trends. We aim to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly blend innovation with eco-friendly practices.

From your perspective, what challenges is the promotional products industry facing and what trends are you observing?

Agustina Campos: „As we navigate the current landscape, we actively address industry challenges and stay abreast of trending topics, with a particular focus on two pivotal areas:

Sustainability: As pioneers in sustainability, we’re delighted to witness the growing interest from all stakeholders in this critical topic. BIC Graphic is committed to offering authentic and environmentally responsible options, including refillable products and eco-friendly materials.

Demand Dynamics: One challenge we face is the unpredictability of demand from month to month, adding complexity to the business for manufacturers like us. However, our robust IT ecosystem and the manufacturing innovations and improvements implemented within BIC Graphic in recent years enable us to respond excellently to this trend.

What can PSI visitors expect from BIC Graphic at PSI?

Agustina Campos: “At PSI, our spotlight will be on presenting solutions aligned with current market trends. Let’s look at the aspect of genuine Sustainability: At our booth you can explore our array of authentic and environmentally responsible promotional products, featuring refillable items and natural materials.

Also, our Client-Centric Approach will come to life. BIC Graphic’s commitment to providing excellent service and tailored solutions to clients is exemplified by the presence of our multinational and local customer care and sales teams. During the event, we’ll facilitate one-on-one consultations to understand specific client requirements.

Needless to say that PSI provides an excellent platform to showcase our Innovative Finishes, the diverse options developed through our integrated R&D department. We take pride in products that resonate with consumers, featuring advanced decorative techniques and functional features. Our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility ensures that we remain a pioneer in these critical areas.

We eagerly anticipate showcasing our innovative and sustainable solutions at PSI 2024. Join us at booth 10A18 to explore the latest trends in the promotional products industry.