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Museum of Promotional Articles ceremonially opened

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 23.01.2024

Good art is timeless. And every special art has its time. The world-famous MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, is dedicated to contemporary art. The PSI 2024 trade fair has now provided the MoPA, the Museum of Promotional Articles, with the perfect setting for an impressive premiere.

The MoPA honours and ennobles refined products, i.e. products that serve the purpose of advertising, as an art form in their own right and not only gives the haptic form of advertising a profound historical basis with the detailed documentation of its development, but also deals with the current and future icons of the promotional products and merchandising industry.

Düsseldorf’s Lord Mayor Dr Stephan Keller also attended the official opening of the MoPA, an opus by the Cybergroup International team, on the eve of the trade fair in the vicinity of the PSI Forum in Hall 10. He and the many guests were welcomed by PSI Director Petra Lassahn, RX Germany Managing Director Michael Köhler and Cybergroup CEO Steven Baumgaertner. The presence of the mayor emphasised the importance of this unique exhibition. In his speech, he thanked Cybergroup International and PSI for realising this ambitious project, which takes visitors on a journey through the fascinating history of the promotional product and even offers a glimpse into the future.

Düsseldorf’s mayor Dr Stephan Keller (left) was also impressed by the exhibits.

Petra Lassahn was also happy to be able to provide a customised setting for this unique presentation with the PSI trade show: “We are delighted that this fantastic exhibition is celebrating its premiere at PSI. The history of promotional products and the historically evolved importance of promotional products in the marketing mix is an exciting topic that has preoccupied mankind for many centuries. It is an honour for us to set the stage for this wonderful promotional products museum at PSI.”

On 170 square metres, divided into six rooms and a MoPA Museum Shop, the pop-up exhibition documents the history of advertising and the development of “classic” product groups in detail. Each room represents the development of individual product worlds, from their general creation to their first use in the world of advertising. And, of course, the focus is also on the future: where and how are promotional products and merchandising developing? What influence do modern technologies have and how can they be integrated into our future of haptic advertising? The pop-up exhibition also addresses the latest issues affecting the promotional products industry. Initiator Steven Baumgaertner: “With its premiere at PSI 2024, we want to send the exhibition on a journey. In cooperation with the leading European associations, the exhibits and the history of promotional products will inspire visitors throughout Europe.” (A detailed report on the opening can be read in the February issue of the PSI Journal)