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ADLER Werbegeschenke acquires Schneider GmbH & Co. KG

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 20.02.2024

Adler Holding has announced the completion of the strategic acquisition of Schneider GmbH & Co.KG and its subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland. Adler Holding, a subsidiary of Myron Holding, is headquartered in New Jersey and is the parent company of ADLER Werbegeschenke. According to the company statement, ‘this significant transaction marks a milestone in the development of both companies.’ The Schneider brand will continue to be an independent company under the parent company ADLER Holding and run under the name Schneider Business Services GmbH.

ADLER, a renowned supplier of customised promotional products in Europe, strategically planned this acquisition to expand its portfolio and open up new growth opportunities for both companies. Christian Feuer, the Co-CEO of MYRON/ADLER Group, says, ‘Schneider’s take-over is a targeted measure to reinforce the position as a leading supplier in the custom-made promotional products sector.’ Merging the resources of both companies will increase competitiveness and widen market coverage.

ADLER intends to use Schneider’s strengths to diversify the products it sells and generate synergies. It is emphasised that ‘the employees of both companies will continue to play a decisive role.’ Everything is being done to ensure a smooth transition.

Both companies plan to seamlessly integrate their respective products and services into each other’s portfolios. This is intended to offer customers an extended range of high-quality promotional products, outdoor products and home and living products.

In a joint statement, the Managing Director of ADLER, Martin Spang, and the chief representative Schneider, Florian Sieg, stressed the positive aspects of this take-over and are confident about the future together: ‘This take-over opens up exciting possibilities for innovation and growth.’

The collaboration has enormous potential for the future, states Jeff Lederer, Co-CEO of the MYRON/ADLER Group: ‘We plan on investing in digitalisation, using AI-supported tools and opening up new markets. The customers of both companies can profit from an expanded product range and improved services.’ For further information please visit: