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MEDICAL promotion expands its marketing and sales team

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 21.05.2024

The company GRAMM medical healthcare GmbH has consistently expanded its business segment ‘MEDICAL promotion’ over the years to take care of its promotional product distributors and meet their needs. ‘In light of the growing demand for first aid products, we recently decided to boost our MEDICAL promotion business segment and expand our in-house sales and marketing team’, explains Managing Director Marc Sauer.

Amanda Giatti is now responsible for the graphic design, layout and preparation of printing data for the first aid promotional products. Petra Vogel and Martha Lisavakis are experienced sales professionals who will assume the responsibility for order processing and customer service. They highly value providing personal and professional customer service.

As a German manufacturer, the company GRAMM medical healthcare GmbH, known in the promotional product world as MEDICAL promotion, has the highest quality standards for these sensitive products. It wants to encourage every promotional product distributor to inform themselves about what exactly the increasingly strict laws for medical products mean for them and who is responsible for ensuring the accurate, standard-compliant labelling, production and marketability of bandaging materials. ‘Unfortunately, a variety of suppliers still sell goods from the Far East without conforming to relevant European standards. Promotional product distributors often place their confidence in suppliers and rely on them in terms of compliance, even though they can be held responsible in this respect, too, which not many realise,’ warns Marc Sauer.

MEDICAL promotion offers promotional product distributors and their customers a variety of EU-certified medical promotional products. Its adhesive bandages, first aid sets and medical kits can be customised with logos or customer motifs. ‘Since the company GRAMM medical has been developing, manufacturing and distributing medical products for more than 100 years, it was logical for us to adapt this knowledge to the promotional product industry so that we can supply our customers with reliable products and continually ensure top quality’, adds Marc Sauer.

About the company

MEDICAL promotion is a brand of GRAMM medical healthcare GmbH.
In 1909, GRAMM medical was founded by Karl Gramm as a bandaging material factory, and it has been a developer, manufacturer and distributor of medical products for over 100 years. All GRAMM medical products comply with the highest quality standards – whether bandaging material, plasters, eye rinse solutions or first aid supplies. GRAMM medical is certified according to DIN ISO EN 13 485:2016. Moreover, all GRAMM medical products meet the required standards according to European medical device laws. MEDICAL promotion is a separate department in the company, which was set up especially for the promotional product industry.

Photo: Marc Sauer with his marketing and sales team (from left): Amanda Giatti, Martha Lisavakis, Petra Vogel.