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BRANDS Fashion opens Green Factory 2.0

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 27.05.2024

Four years ago, BRANDS Fashion, the specialist for sustainable corporate workwear, celebrated the inauguration of the first Green Factory to be realised within an existing building together with Sags Apparels in Tiruppur, South India. The two partners can now announce another highlight that sets new standards in terms of sustainable textile production: The completely newly built Green Factory 2.0, which fulfils even higher standards, was recently opened and put into operation.

The factory, which is also located in Tiruppur and has twelve sewing lines for high-quality polo shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and many other knitted items, is certified according to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum building standard for sustainable construction and aims to comply with a net-zero approach. This means that all activities relating to energy and water consumption, waste production and carbon emissions are minimised, improved or any remaining impact offset.

Environmentally friendly building with low consumption

The entire building was constructed from sustainable materials, 40 per cent of which were recycled, and designed with a particular focus on the needs of employees. The well thought-out architecture aims for maximum energy efficiency, supported by a 100% renewable energy supply with the help of a 250 KW solar system on the roof – this saves around 1,030 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Thanks to double-glazed skylights, which provide the work area with natural sunlight during the day, no additional interior lighting is required. In the offices of the textile factory, furniture is used that is either cradle-to-cradle certified or made from at least 60 per cent recycled materials.

Rainwater is efficiently collected in a dedicated 500,000 litre tank, filtered and used for various purposes within the factory. Modern planning, treatment and reuse of waste water should save around 50 per cent of total water consumption in the long term – equivalent to around 110,000 litres of drinking water per year. Excess rainwater is channelled into a well to raise the groundwater level in the surrounding area. In addition to the factory, Sags Apparels independently manages a 35,000 square metre area to promote biodiversity. In addition to paying close attention to environmental protection, the factory also focuses on its employees. Accompanied by the Fairtrade Textile Standard, the rights of workers are strengthened by effective labour committees and living wages are gradually introduced.

As a team towards a more sustainable future

The aim of BRANDS Fashion is to manufacture first-class, long-lasting products under the fairest possible social and ecological conditions, which are recycled in the best possible way in the circular economy after their first phase of life. “This can only be achieved by working as a team with customers, suppliers and service providers, because the complex challenges posed by due diligence obligations in the textile industry can only be tackled effectively through close, trusting partnerships. It is the will and the passion that bind us together with our partners, even in difficult times. Only together are we able to bring about the development towards a sustainable textile industry,” summarises BRANDS Fashion Managing Director Mathias Diestelmann. 

About BRANDS Fashion  

BRANDS Fashion claims to be “Europe’s market leader for sustainable corporate workwear”. The textile pioneer has been developing high-quality and fashionable workwear for well-known companies in Europe and the USA since 2002. The portfolio also includes a wide range of private label, merchandising and promotional items. The focus here is on the individual requirements of the customer. BRANDS offers a one-stop solution: from creative design and market-orientated product development to global logistics and webshop solutions. In 2019, BRANDS Fashion founded GoJungo GmbH with the Danish company Scan-Thor. As an innovative platform, the start-up takes over the complex and time-consuming processes for brands to successfully sell textile products in particular on online marketplaces. Further information can be found at:

Photo above: The entire building was constructed from sustainable materials, 40 per cent of which were recycled, and designed with a special focus on the needs of employees.