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Make yourself comfortable at the scene of the crime

Caroline Zöller

Published on 18.12.2019

‘Tatort’, which translates as crime-scene, is the longest-running and most popular crime thriller that is shown in German-speaking countries. It originally started as a German television production but has become a co- production of ARD, ORF and SRF in the meantime and provides a popular highpoint to round off the weekend for all budding police detectives.

‘Tatort’ viewers can now make themselves comfortable under a soft blanket with an appropriate design. Alongside the series logo, the blanket also features the familiar chalk contours of a victim. The OEKOTEX-certified blankets are produced in Germany. 200 x 150 cm in size they consist of 58 percent cotton, 35 percent dralon and 7 percent polyester. They are also machine-washable at 30 – 40°C. All blankets come with a three-year guarantee. You can see a short video of a blanket being woven in a mill here .

The blanket is the main product made by Kolter from Lich in the German state of Hesse, whereby the name of the company really does reflect the product, as the dialect word “kolter” has been used to describe such blankets in Hesse for centuries and they can be found in every household of the state as a particularly snug cultural asset. However, the Tatort-Kolter is not just popular amongst Hessian crime fans as it has become the company’s top-seller well beyond the borders of Hesse.

“Nevertheless, a blanket still doesn’t make a merchandising line”, says CEO Christoph Seipp about his product, which is why he has extended his Tatort range. At the moment, you can buy a Tatort cushion cover to match your blanket, a Tatort game and a Tatort quiz – both products that have been bought in from the publisher Moses Verlag – all items to quicken the pulse of crime thriller fans.

Christoph Seipp of Kolter will be guesting on the stage of the PSI Members-Only Lounge on 7th January 2020. From 2pm to 2:30pm, you will be able to learn more about the forensic history of a merchandising business case with line extension, profitable licence co-operations and further details regarding his Tatort products. Christoph will also be talking about the topic of “company and brand communication” on the Forum 13 stage from 11am – 11:30am on 8th January 2020. Here he will be talking about just how warm and fuzzy home can be. Discover how to add emotion to brand communication by using a degree of local colour.

Images: Kolter GmbH

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