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Apple pomace into reusable paper bags

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 06.05.2020

In many well-known stories the apple is a symbol of seduction, power and immortality. Whether as a nickname for New York, the Beatles’ record label or the company name of the famous computer manufacturer, the apple always manages to be associated with the extraordinary. It even occupies a leading position among fruit juices. According to the Association of the German Fruit Juice Industry, apple juice is the most popular fruit juice in Germany. No wonder that Bags by Riedle, a company specialising in paper bags and based in the region of the global market leader Heilbronn-Franken, has also cast its eye on the apple.

Volker Riedle, the Managing Director of the owner-managed family business, made a lasting commitment, so to speak, when the company was founded. “From nature, into nature” has always been his credo which ultimately led him to stick to his focus on paper as a recyclable material all these years. “In return, we are today’s quality leader for reusable paper carrier bags, and anyone who resolutely keeps an eye on the ecological balance of his most important advertising and image carrier should not be allowed to put any other material into circulation,” says Riedle, who as a paper and printing technician has already produced several innovations in his industry.

So it is no wonder that the tireless “paper pioneer” has discovered apple paper for his proven promotional ambassadors. Carefully analysed and appropriately processed, residues from the apple recycling process have proven to be rich in primary materials such as cellulose and hemicellulose. Ideal conditions for the production of paper and at the same time meeting the quality requirements of the raw materials for Riedle’s reusable paper bags. In apple paper, up to 15% of the cellulose from trees is replaced by the use of apple pomace. Due to the danger of fungus, these fruit value residues may not be spread in the field and cannot be used as animal feed. Instead of costly disposal, the valuable raw material can now be reused in a very special way.

Apple paper is characterised by its ivory tone, its elegance and its excellent processing properties. It feels velvety warm and very pleasant. There are no limits to the creation of motifs for bag design. Printing can be perfectly implemented as with any other uncoated paper, as can finishing with hot or blind embossing. The combination with a 100% cotton cord has proven to be the perfect handle solution. Long delivery routes often have a very negative effect on the overall ecological balance of a product. Therefore Bags by Riedle produces exclusively in Germany and the EU. Riedle has always rejected Asian imports in its 25-year company history. “Sustainability comes at a price”, he is convinced.