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Klio-Eterna introduces new brand: "klio protect"

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 28.06.2020

With its new brand klio protect, the writing instrument manufacturer Klio-Eterna combines sustainability and health to form a unique writing instrument series. All models of the klio protect range are made of recycled plastic and are entirely Made in Germany, which is in line with the approach of resource-saving production and reflects the sustainability concept at Klio-Eterna. The word component “protect” takes on a double meaning at this point. On the one hand, it stands for responsible and sustainable action in terms of environmental protection. On the other hand, for the special health protection functions of the writing instruments themselves. The protective effect of the products is achieved with the aid of special manufacturing processes or by adding additives to the plastic granulate. This reduces the number of microorganisms on the product surface and significantly lowers the risk of infection by pathogens. The new klio protect range currently includes the models Jona recycling antibacterial, Trias recycling antibacterial and Zeno recycling antibacterial.