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70,000 ballpoint pens for Africa

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 29.09.2020

“We are delighted that we were able to provide more than 70,000 ballpoint pens for a good cause again this year and send them to Africa,” says Stefan Wolf, project manager at Klio-Eterna. The Black Forest writing instrument manufacturer Klio-Eterna has been involved in school aid projects in Africa and Russia since 2016. This time the donated goods went to the small town of Chikombedzi in the south of Zimbabwe. In this rather rural area, there is often a lack of money and state support to enable all children there to have access to schooling. Therefore, such donations often determine the professional career and future of the children. “Looking at the grateful and happy faces of the children encourages us in our social commitment. It is wonderful to see that we can achieve so much with so little. That is why it is particularly important to us to continue to support such aid projects on a regular basis”, says Managing Director Edeltraud Syllwasschy.