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PSI Sustainability Awards: These are the first five participants of the Innovator of the Year

Julia Bernert

Published on 05.10.2020

Bags, sweets, umbrellas, caps and even a fluffy candidate is in the running: The first five participants in category 7 of the PSI Sustainability Awards have been determined: Halfar, JUNG since 1828, FARE, Atlantis Caps&Hats and mbw Wanderup are in the race. The exact products behind them will not yet be revealed. But in the new category of the PSI Sustainability Awards, not only the sustainability of the products plays a role, but also the story behind them. This will be available at a later date.

In the coming weeks, we will accompany the submitted projects from the idea to the finished product, because at the end of the day, the consumer should know what the product is made of, where it is produced under what conditions, how big the ecological footprint is from the initial idea to the arrival at the destination, and the people behind it. What counts here is the overall contribution that the manufacturers make to ecological, social and economic activity in terms of a sustainability strategy.

In the next step, all submissions will be handed over to the expert jury, which, in addition to an automatic points system, will decide on the nomination of companies, products and campaigns at the jury meeting on November 4. All winners of the awards will be announced at PSI 2021 and presented at the trade fair from 12 to 14 January 2021.