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Economic and Environment Excellence: These are the Nominees

Julia Bernert

Published on 17.11.2020

They convinced with their outstanding quality and safety management. Their products – whether from their own production or exclusive import – have certificates that exceed the legal requirements. Their environmental management is outstanding and their products are particularly sustainable from an ecological point of view. This is why they even convinced the jury in two categories on November 4, 2020. This are the nominees in the Environmental Excellence category of the sixth PSI Sustainability Awards.

  • Halfar System GmbH
  • Karl Knauer KG
  • Klio Eterna
  • Manufacturas Arpe, S.L.
  • Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH
  • Suthor Papierverarbeitung
  • terminic GmbH
  • uma Schreibgeräte

A total of almost 70 submissions showed: Sustainability is a fundamental factor in the promotional products industry. It is taken seriously. It is lived. It is invested in. It is a business generator and competitive advantage. Today more than ever, customers and consumers pay attention to the economic, ecological and social footprint of our products. We are glad that you are part of a sustainable movement in our industry.