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Fashion Changers bring the fashion world together

Caroline Zöller

Published on 01.12.2020

More and more people are changing their consumer behaviour and taking a stand against the waste of resources, exploitation and environmental pollution. The change has also become more noticeable in the textile industry. Sustainable projects are springing up like mushrooms. The three fashion activists Jana Braumüller, Vreni Jäckle and Nina Lorenzen think this is good, but still see the green approaches of the textile industry as a tentative beginning of a comprehensive process of change.

The three Fashion Changers founders are convinced that real change can only be achieved through public pressure and political regulations. In 2017, they therefore founded their content and networking platform, which sees itself as a home base for all those who want a sustainable and fair textile and fashion industry.

The Fashion Changers bring together media professionals online and offline. The creation of inspiring content and the transfer of knowledge are the instruments to make fair fashion and its makers more visible in the media. And they do so in the context of a critical examination of the industry in connection with the fun of fashion. The activists see their work as a means for real social change.

The fashion industry has many problems. But also many answers.

In their website magazine, at events and public discussion forums, the Fashion Changers discuss and show how the world can be changed with fair fashion. The tools are there: new materials are available, upcycling and recycling models are established, there are clever cutting techniques, resource-saving and environmentally friendly production is possible and supply chains can be sustainably transparent. In short, it is possible to revolutionise an entire industry with new business concepts. To ensure that all this happens, the Fashion Changers repeatedly address uncomfortable topics and ask questions at events and in well-researched articles: Which materials are really sustainable? Why is the sustainable fashion scene so white, feminine and standardised? What does fashion actually have to do with the climate? And what is behind the greenwashing campaigns of large corporations?

A guide to the new fashion world

The answers to these questions can be found in the book by Jana Braumüller, Vreni Jäckle and Nina Lorenzen, published at the beginning of 2020. In their guide, you can learn all about fair and ecological fashion that demonstrates style and attitude and get to know 20 people and labels who are working for a better industry.

The Fashion Changers featured in the book provide a real behind-the-scenes look at how they effect change through their actions and what drives them. They explain which labels provide orientation when buying clothes, how the first steps towards a sustainable wardrobe can look like and how alternatives from zero waste to vegan fashion to re- and upcycling are already revolutionising the fashion world. The book also provides lots of insider tips and useful addresses, including a comprehensive label guide.

The 265-page book is published by Knesebeck Verlag and costs EUR 28.00.


Who made my clothes? Lena Scherer, Knesebeck Publishing House

Author’s photo, Emilie Elizabeth