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Sustainable products: These are the nominees

Larissa Bohres

Published on 10.12.2020

Sustainability is also increasingly in the focus of customers and consumers. They are taking a very close look at the ecological footprint of their products. The industry knows this. The following companies qualified for the Sustainable Products category and were nominated by the jury on 4 November:

blvck GmbHHorse Apple Organic Natural Fertiliser
Horse manure is a valuable natural fertiliser and processed into pellets is also user-friendly, making it a sustainable and above all innovative promotional item. This makes it a natural product, a benefit-oriented promotional item and a production process that was developed with meticulousness and heart and soul.
FARE – Guenther Fassbender GmbHMini Pocket Umbrella EcoBrella Shopping
The mini pocket umbrella ÖkoBrella Shopping 9159 by FARE® is a sustainable pocket umbrella and shopping bag in one. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX® certified polyester pongee material for the umbrella cover and the bag is made from recycled plastics and is food safe.  
GEBAS GmbHBio CupPap®
The Bio CupPaps® have no coating on the inside or outside and are therefore made of 100 percent sustainable and renewable paper. They can be disposed of in the waste paper and thus returned to the raw material cycle.
Gifts with Impact V.O.F.Beeswrap
Beeswrap is a natural cover film without plastic that can be used for food storage and packaging. Thus, this product is a conscious alternative to reusable plastic and aluminium foils.  
Hanbückers Werbung GmbHinpoka® folding wall planner
The inpoka® folding wall planners have a special, protected calendar design that has been optimised for postage-saving dialogue mail dispatch. The calendars are printed on FSC certified cardboard or on 100 percent recycled cardboard.
Klio-Eterna Schreibgeräte GmbH & Co KGklio protect
The new klio protect® brand from the writing instrument manufacturer Klio-Eterna combines the themes of sustainability, health and advertising effectiveness. Because the recycled models Jona, Trias and Zeno, which are produced in a resource-saving and sustainable way, are given an antibacterial protective function in a further production step.
Lindocastelli GmbHPalm Crush
With the PALM ECO collection, LINDOCASTELLI has developed an ecological ECO product line – made of CRUSH Agrumi paper – with the FAVINI paper mill, which includes calendars and notebooks. CRUSH Agrumi is a sustainable paper processed with the residues of citrus fruits and produced through an upcycling process.
Manufacturas Arpe, S.L.Community mask SKUT sustainable customizable & reusable
The hygienic masks were manufactured according to UNE 0065:2020. The special feature: They are reusable and retain their bacterial filtering capacity and breathability even after 20 washes at 60 ℃. They are also sustainable and made from 100 per cent recycled PET bottles with GRS certification. 
Manufacturas Arpe, S.L.Promotional Eco-designed Cushion with post-industrial recycled filling made in Europe
The pillowcases, which are made from 30 per cent recycled material and 100 per cent renewable energy, reduce CO2 emissions by 14 per cent compared to other similar products. In 2020, the company improved the pillows with a new internal process, using its own polyester waste from production to make the pillow filling from 70 per cent of its own recycled PET and 30 per cent new PET. 
mbw Vertriebsgesellschaft mbHMiniFeet® RecycelBär®
The MiniFeet® RecycelBear® is a soft toy made from 100 percent used and recycled plastic bottles. The bears’ eyes and noses are embroidered, no additional plastic parts are used. Depending on the size of the article, material from about four to eight PET bottles is used for the production. Thus, each bear makes a valuable contribution to recycling and advertising with a sustainable effect.
memo AGFrank & Richie – eco friendly products
memo AG, which has specialised in ecological and sustainable products for 30 years, is introducing its new product line made from recycled Fairtrade organic cotton after more than a year of research and testing. According to memo, this is the world’s first Fairtrade certified product line for recycled cotton products.
The DINA lamp is intended to help us become aware again of the value of light, energy and money. Because it only works after a coin is inserted. By inserting the coin, the electric circuit is activated and the light bulbs light up.  
Premium Square Europe B.V.Upprett
With its minimalist design, the Upprett portable smartphone stand cuts a fine figure on the desk. It is compatible with most smartphones and, above all, durable. It is made of 100 percent fast-growing Alnus wood.
PS Concepts GmbHUmbrella & Shopper RPET
Mini super slim is an umbrella with a shopping bag, both made of high-quality ployester pongee from recycled material. However, it is not only the cover fabric that is sustainable; the main plastic components such as tips, slider, ferrule and flap are also made of recycled material.  
PS Concepts GmbHShopping BAG +
The Shopping Bag is a foldable shopping bag made of high-quality polyester Pongee RPET, i.e. polyester made from recycled PET bottles. The integrated shopping trolley release is “Made in Germany” and is made from recycled plastic or bioplastic.
Ritter-Pen GmbHClear Transparent 12020
The Clear Transparent 12020 is a biro produced from recycled plastic waste (product separators) used in dm stores. These product dividers are usually disposed of after use, but are now collected, shredded and reprocessed into new biros parts using the injection moulding process.
Samoa GmbHBIO car tyre bag
Samoa scored points with the jury with certified organic tyre bags made from European GMO-free maize starch (Mater-BI®). The maize starch and the printing ink used are certified with the “OK Compost” seal of quality by TÜV AUSTRIA in accordance with the European standard EN 13432, which means that the bag is 100 per cent biodegradable and compostable after disposal within a few weeks.
Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbHReco
The new Reco biros from Schneider Schreibgeräte is, according to the manufacturer, the first biros to be awarded the world’s best-known eco-label “Blue Angel”, making it one of the most sustainable pens on the market. 
SLODKIE UPOMINKI Sp. z o. o. sp. k.Fit & Healthy
The Fit&Healthy line contains a wide range of healthy sweets combined with biodegradable packaging. Whether it’s UTZ certified Belgian chocolate, date bars or freeze-dried fruit, the sweet products are accompanied by fully biodegradable packaging made from 100 per cent recycled paper certified to the FSC standard.  
Sprout WorldSprout Pencil
Sprout Pencil is a pencil that can grow into a flower, herb or vegetable. As soon as it is too short to write with, you can plant it. The idea behind it: To make sustainability visible to others and inspire them to make small changes in their everyday lives. The pencils are already available in over 60 countries around the world.
tobra GmbH & Co. KG2 in 1 mobile phone stand flipster®
The flipster® mobile phone stand combines sustainability with practical everyday use. The entire material is made of FSC® certified birch. The three parts of the mobile phone stand are made of plywood. Further finishing steps include chamfering the edges, sanding and, if necessary, oiling. This is done by a workshop for the disabled near tobra GmbH.
uma Schreibgeräteuma recycled PET PEN PRO antibacterial
The uma recycled PET PEN PRO antibacterial is a retractable biros made of recycled, antibacterial rPET. The antimicrobial additive of silver ions, tested according to ISO 22196:2011, gives the rPET an antibacterial effect that reduces the adhesion and settlement of bacteria or pathogens on the surface of the writing instrument by 99.99 percent. A real all-rounder: recycled, environmentally friendly, climate-neutral and antibacterial. 
Verlag für Prävention WilkenHomework/School Planner
The school planner including homework book makes everyday school life easier for children, parents and teachers. Due to the sturdy design, it is a long-lasting product that is not only made from sustainable paper, but also from safe printing inks derived from plants.