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New Calendar Concept for the Promotional Market

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 01.03.2021

In the last few years MYRIX has established itself as a specialist for innovative notebooks and paper products and as a partner for the promotional products industry. Now its current assortment of products is being widely expanded: MYRIX is offering a thoughtful and structured assortment of calendars with the same quick delivery times customers have grown accustomed to. In addition to the products in stock – which can be upgraded for orders larger than 50 units – the company is now selling calendars that can be fully customized to a customer’s wishes for a minimum order of only 250 units. Sustainability is also a central element to the company’s range of products: all of the warehouse models are manufactured and made exclusively with FSC certified paper. Customers may also request any and all models to be made from recycled paper.

“The expansion of our product portfolio was a consequential move. Calendars, like notebooks, are important promotional products with great and long-lasting marketing effects. Our calendars come with great features and stay true to the company’s commitment to sustainability. This is how we are contributing even more added value to the promotional products market”, says Andreas Albus, Manager of Sales and Category, and Patrick Döring, Managing Director of MYRIX GmbH. More information and the product catalogue are available at: