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Getting Started with Three Strong Brands

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 30.03.2021

The company Premium Square Europe BV is showing its expertise and services this year with a revamped website: Premium Square Europe BV is an internationally renowned developer of innovative electronic and design-accentuated products for the promotional products industry and is headquartered in Zoetermeer/The Netherlands. In addition to the brand-new products, the company’s website is presenting the products of three company created brands: Upprett, B8TA Collection and Le Zen. Upprett is a minimalistic smartphone holder, which was honoured with the “Recommended by PSI” award in the latest PSI Sustainability Award ceremony. The B8TA Collection includes a series of products which were designed around the world for flexible working. And Le Zen is a synthesis of LED colour lights, Bluetooth loudspeaker and bottle cooler. The three brands are also for sale in retail stores around the world besides in the promotional product sector.

With the PSI Sustainability Award and another prize for a LED rucksack, Premium Square Europe has made a notable comeback recently amid the corona crisis. The company is known for offering comprehensive customer service and high product quality paired with attractive prices. Moreover, Premium Square Europe is planning to take part in various trade fairs this year as soon as it is “physically” possible.

Maintaining a meaningful link between technology and ecology will also be one of the key challenges for the Dutch company in the future. It wants to realise this with simple solutions by developing more environmentally friendly materials while also simultaneously reducing plastic, developing a cork collection and using other long-lasting materials. Premium Square Europe’s engagement for the environment is also reflected in its support of WWF’s efforts to bring about the reforestation of endangered forest areas. More information and contact information is available under:

Photo: The LED Backpack rucksack from the BTA Collection was already awarded.