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Published on 01.04.2021

Even if the corona virus is currently dominating the media, the topic of sustainability, including the necessity for sustainable production methods and a sustainable way of life, has not lost its high significance and will also be an important subject after the pandemic. The company Schneider Schreibgeräte (writing instruments) has given some thought about how a campaign can be carried out in order to give this topic the necessary attention and focus it needs despite corona. It came up with a plant-a-tree campaign: Schneider will support the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative with a donation for every packaging unit of the new Schneider models made out of biobased or recycled plastic that are sold in April. The donations will be used to cover the costs for planting trees. The trees will be planted in a special area on the Mexican Yucatán peninsula in the state of Campeche. Schneider has already supported this organisation with several of its previous campaigns in which 2,000 trees were planted.

Plant-for-the-Planet is an initiative launched by children and adolescents in 2007; it has the mission of planting trees around the world to combat the climate crisis. Plant-for-the-Planet is proving that planting trees efficiently and inexpensively on a large scale is possible in its own planting area, which is part of the reforestation project on the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico. On 8 March 2015 Plant-for-the-Planet planted its very first tree in a fully deforested area. Since then, 6,332,664 trees have been planted and more than 6.3 million planted trees have been confirmed by an independent auditing firm. Today, more than 100 workers are planting 20,000 seedlings per day during the planting season from July to December.  The organisation grows different kinds of seedlings in its own tree nursery, which are native to the region. Since the establishment of the Plant-for-the-Planet organisation in 2007, it has secured the financing for planting 21,650,362 trees around the world. More information is available under:

For the respective presentations of the products for sale in the retail sector, Schneider provides marketing materials and product presentations for savvy end customers, which address the topic of sustainability and environment and showcase its wide assortment of products that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly in terms of the materials and the production processes used to make them. The attention-getting POS materials highlight the company’s climate-neutral production methods, bio-based raw materials, recycling materials, and simple and clean refilling options. Special focus is placed on products featuring the Blue Angel ecolabel. There are also posters, flyers and other information materials for these products available. “Trees are one of the most powerful instruments to combat the climate crisis. You should take part and become a part of the campaign,” says Managing Director Frank Groß.

Photo: Paulina Sanchez, member of the Board of Directors of Plant-for-the-Planet Global. Source: Plant-for-the-Planet