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Complete Transparency with TRACYCLE

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 27.04.2021

Brands Fashion has revamped and renamed its product tracking system: Trace My Shirt has been transformed into TRACYCLE. is Brands Fashion’s digital tracing tool. It makes it possible to depict fully transparent supply chains – from the cotton fields in Gujarat to the sewing workshop in Tirupur. In the future, there will also be opportunities for giving products a 2nd life after they are used. The end customer will only have to scan the QR code depicted on the product.

Brands Fashion takes a holistic view of its products. It pays special attention to using sustainable materials, ranging from raw materials to the finished product. The renowned European specialist for sustainable workwear also makes sure that both ecological and social standards are also met in the supply chains. “We are currently undertaking the calculation of CO2 emissions of our products, which are also supposed to be depicted in TRACYCLE in the future,” explains Rabea Schafrick, Head of Sustainability at Brands Fashion. CCO Silke Rosebrock is also proud of the new opportunities: “We are working harder and more innovatively on the topic of circularity, which is why depicting the 2nd life of our products will also be able to be realised soon.” The presentation of potential product cycles is also reflected in the new name: TRACYCLE comes from the combination of the words trace and cycle.

Brands Fashion is working on a variety of other projects on its way towards a circular economy, which also includes the further development of its Cradle-to-Cradle certified collection. All product groups as well as textiles can now be tracked transparently using the TRACYCLE system. The web design was developed in such a way that customers of Brands Fashion can adapt the system to include their own logo and CI colours when they use it themselves.

Brands Fashion also uses the digital tool as a supply chain management system in order to comply with the forthcoming law regarding the duty to exercise due diligence. Brands Fashion is using more transparency over the origin and production of the products to reinforce more than just the credibility of its customers, it is also facilitating the sustainable development of global supply chains. More information is available at