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These 3 legal topics are of vital importance for the promotional products industry

Julia Bernert

Published on 29.04.2021

When it comes to product responsibility and product liability, new market surveillance regulations and products classified as dangerous, uncertainty is often high. At PSI Digital, legal experts will provide answers to frequently asked questions and offer an overview of how much one can dare and where it is advisable to take legal precautions.

Opportunities and challenges in product responsibility & product liability

Already on the first day, i.e. 19 May, from 1.15 p.m., everything will revolve around the opportunities and challenges in product responsibility and product liability. Philipp Reusch from reuschlaw Legal Consultants and Kay Grönhardt, Senior Consultant at Intertek Consumer Goods GmbH will focus on the explosive topic of product liability during the 45-minute webinar. Key points are:

  • Criminal law risk minimisation in product liability
  • recall organisation & implementation
  • risk-based quality assurance

Market surveillance: “What happens if I get caught?”

Philipp Reusch and Kay Grönhardt will go into detail about the new Market Surveillance Regulation and Rapex – the EU’s rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products – on 20 May from 15:45. The worst-case question will also be asked and answered: What happens if I get caught? The webinar will also explain what the aim of the new Market Surveillance Regulation is, what the special features are for online trade and why there are still so many harmful substances in circulation. 

Rapex: The rapid alert system for non-food products

On 21 May, experts from Reuschlaw and Intertek will once again specifically address the measures and laws surrounding Rapex. Topics on the agenda of this webinar include:

  • How risk assessment works
  • What are the special features of chemicals law
  • What substances of concern are
  • How to take precautions

All webinars are also available on-demand in the media library from the following day for the duration of the entire digital event.

*PSI members can log in directly with their PSI number and password on 19 May from 12 noon.